For a touch of elegance and style, with the versatility, durability and the flooring look and feel for your brand and in-store presence.

First impressions are lasting ones, and our stylish and diverse range designer shop flooring tiles are versatile, offer added safety features and a decorative and classic look to your space, designed and manufactured to meet regulatory requirements of commercial settings. With the flexibility to install and disassemble interlocking flooring with ease, you gain all of the chic aesthetic with exceptional features that reinforce a safe and secure environment. From stone prints, to wood prints and a range of variations that offer sophistication or simplicity and a viable alternative to carpets or sheet vinyl, get the finest quality heavy duty floor covering that offer easy maintenance and a bundle of added-value features:

  • Anti-slip floor tiles offer added safety for store visitors
  • Polyurethane matte finish with an additional wearing layer for ultimate durability
  • Thermal and chemical resistant and anti-static performance
  • Mitigates and reduces noise and protects floors against damage

Our dedication to quality is a top priority, as R-tile’s commercial grade tile shop flooring is hand-crafted, with each tile’s quality assurance tested and checked individually. With its hidden bevelled join and easy to adjust, move or coordinate with a vast selection of prints, R-tile offers an efficient and ideal solution for retail stores, and relieves any concerns about optimizing renovation efficiency. For spaces with little to no subfloor preparation, save costs and get the best of ROI with our hard wearing flooring options, and enjoy the warmth of your space with added insulation from our superior quality tiles.

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